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Studio+ Anniversary Party and Private Label Carpet Line

Studio+, an integrated services design firm, has launched a new private label carpet collection as part of their integrated services approach. The carpet line was launched at the company’s 7th anniversary party on October 11 at their Fort Myers office.

The collection, Persona, embodies the different aspects that each individual can experience through their life journey. Designed with their healthcare and senior living clients in mind, the carpet collection has eight colorways with eleven patterns available.

Each of the colorways, Visionary, Adventurer, Nurturer, Naturalist, Intellectual, Purist, Healer, and Islander, had a display set up where guests could learn more about the inspiration for the design and see some of the patterns available in each colorway.

“When designing the Persona collection, the entire team worked together and shared ideas for color and pattern inspiration while following our Studio+ design philosophy,” said Damon Romanello, Owner and CEO of Studio+. “We want this collection to supplement our other services, providing a complete experience to our clients.”

The addition of private label flooring will complement their current architecture, interior design, surfaces and lean design services. By contracting all services through one company, they streamline the process from design to procurement and installation.

Studio+ designs are rooted in three guiding principles: simple, honest and long-lasting. They are simple and free of distraction with purity in the intent; less is more with an understated elegance. Honesty is in all processes, programming, material, and details. The designs are long-lasting in that they transcend time, era, and pop culture and are as useful and relevant today as they will be in the future.

About Studio+

Studio+ is an integrated services design firm focused on transforming the lives of those they touch, by providing architecture, interior design, surfaces and lean design services. Studio+ integrates these services to bring a unique product to their clients— seamless services that deliver results exceeding expectations.

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