Baxter Frost

Project Manager

I'm Baxter. Prior to Studio+, I was the Director of Interior Design at (the institution formerly known as) Southwest Florida College. Before that, I lived in Savannah, Georgia where I ran a design firm specializing in art, design, and construction. I attended UNC for my undergraduate education, and eventually received an M. Arch from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I also received a fellowship to attend a special organic architecture program at Talisein West through the San Francisco Institute of Architecture.

Most of my creative work is an exploration of spatial intelligence and the metaphysical nature of introspection. I ask the question: What is out there? And what is it like? These questions help define our existence and our understanding of our potential.

I am married (to a biochemist, believe it or not) and we have two children, 13 and 11. The one thing that most people do not know about me is that I attended a military boarding school during high school. Yes, I still do military tucks on my shirts!

I also love disc sports. I've played competitive ultimate and am now a professional disc golfer (less running!).