Balancing the needs of clinicians, administrators, and patients in a physical therapy-focused environment.


Cleveland Clinic Meridian

Fast Facts

  • Weston, FL
  • 19,700 square feet
  • AHCA Approved
  • LEED-CI Silver Certified
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Administrative offices


Services Provided

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design

A Hub for Wellness
Cleveland Clinic Meridian is a key outpatient facility in Cleveland Clinic's Weston, Florida campus. 6,000 square feet of the facility is dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries through physical therapy. 

An Employee Focused Environment
In addition to the physical therapy center, massive renovations to the facility paved the way for multiple administrative hubs. Included in the renovations was an expansion to the human resources department offices, expansion of the second floor financial offices, and the addition of a medical library.