The Harvey Kapnick Center acts as the home for the Naples Botanical Garden and FGCU's research labs.


Harvey Kapnick Center at Naples Botanical Gardens

Fast Facts

  • Naples, CA
  • 13,075 square feet
  • LEED NC 2.2 Standards
  • Research Labs
  • Administrative Offices
  • Multi-Purpose Flex Space

Services Provided

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Planning

A Home for Botanical Research
Housing Research Labs, Administrative space, and a Multi-Purpose Room, the
building’s long-linear form is derived from the client’s need for the building
to be visible from the adjacent road and to provide views to the lake located
to the west of the site. This orientation negates all direct sun angles to the
interior of the building in the summer months. The long-linear form is then
penetrated by exterior corridors to eliminate the perception that the building
acts as a wall dividing the site. A major pedestrian circulation path through
the entire campus is located through one of these exterior corridors, thus
promoting pedestrian interaction with the building.

Green Design Promotes Sustainable Operations
This project was designed with the intention of pursuing a LEED NC 2.2
certification and takes advantage of sustainable design techniques. Based
on vernacular traditions, the project is elevated several feet to allow cooling
breezes to flow underneath the building, reducing energy costs and creating
a more enjoyable environment. Low VOC finishes are used throughout the
space, ensuring good indoor air quality for inhabitants. Stuffy corridors have
been replaced with outdoor circulation spaces to reduce overall energy costs
and foster a unique environmental experience. Finally, the project is partially
powered by a solar panel system that reduces cutting operating costs.