jackie arcy headshot square.jpg

Jaclyn Arcy

Interior Design Manager

I'm Jackie. I graduated from Harvard with a BA in Economics, which led to a brief stint working on Wall Street. I eventually realized that I need to create to be happy. Evening architecture classes led to an Interior Design degree from Parsons, which ultimately led me here to this job I love at Studio+.

I value the balance of right and left brain thinking and emphasis on collaboration found in the design world.

I've lived in 9 different cities and have traveled to 27 different countries, and concur with many surveys that Southwest Florida is the best place to live. I value traveling, new experiences, and cooking (if heaven is like Italy, that's fine by me).

I also enjoy scuba diving, hiking, cycling, and pretty much anything where I can be active outdoors. On weekends, I teach yoga, take naps on my hammock, and soak up as much sun as possible before Monday rolls around. 

I love animals, and have a puppy named Sadie and two bunnies named Sydney and Brooklyn.