Mike Hogan


I'm Mike, and I'm the Process Excellence leader at Studio+. My background is in Lean principles and methodologies. I am extremely passionate about Lean and what it can do to not only help our patients and families have a great healthcare experience, but especially to make our caregivers and staff have a seamless job, requiring little extra effort as they contribute to their own quality of life.

I have a degree in Psychology and spent 22+ years in manufacturing. Looking back on it, that career set the table for my last 15 years of doing Lean in healthcare. Someone asked me if I used my Psychology degree and my answer was quick: "EVERY SINGLE DAY!"

My expertise is applying Lean to the functional program of design. I've been blessed with the opportunity to weigh in on the design of hospitals, clinics, and administrative areas. It takes patient flow and healthcare experiences to a whole new level. Having been through numerous knee surgeries, I bring personal patient experiences to my work. Those issues stem from many years of state level racquetball and other sports. Those experience gave me a new perspective of functional design and how it works/does not work.

I'm an avid Chicago sports fan! Go Bears, White Sox, Bulls, and Blackhawks!

I hope and trust you will seek me out for insight on anything from Lean process implementations to Lean design. I learn when you learn.