Well-designed emergency departments bolster patient health and improve employee experiences simultaneously.


The NCH North Adult Acute ED

Fast Facts

  • Naples, FL
  • 38,000 square feet
  • 29 to 54 bed conversion
  • 3 total workflow phases
  • Smart room technology
  • Stroke care robotics implementation
  • Bariatric care design


Services Provided

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Lean Design
  • Lean Process Improvement

Specialized Care for 55,000 Patients
The North Naples ED treats over 55,000 people from Naples, Collier County, and south Lee County. The $15.9 million renovation and expansion of the existing emergency room doubles its capacity, providing ample care for peak-season crowds.

Workflow Phasing for Multispecialty Care
Three workflows were instituted throughout the construction and renovation of the NCH North Naples ED. Phase 1 includes a redesigned acute care service line for adult patients and ambulance arrivals. Phase 2 includes a "lean track" for patients needing treatment for minor issues, office space, and radiology. Phase 3 is a pediatric emergency room.

Streamlined Flow for Top Tier Healthcare
The ER's design incorporates elements for streamlined patient flow, combined with smart room technology. An inclusive team made up of Studio+ and ER staff redesigned the emergency department. Every aspect of the new layout was carefully thought out for efficient patient flow and greater privacy.