Facilities transform and workflows evolve when you rethink the design process.


Our process is guided by the "Why?" of what we do: transforming lives.


We begin every job by listening.

Every Studio+ project, big or small, begins with some sort of collaborative design session, allowing us to download and comprehend client vision, goals, and expectations.


We build a comprehensive understanding of the project.

We visit the site of the proposed project in order to understand the requirements, restrictions, lighting, and navigational elements of the facility.


We handpick the best team for the job.

Our teams are purposefully diverse, with a wide range of backgrounds and design theories. This provides a contrast of design ability, enabling us to choose the best possible team.


We balance creativity and research.

As designers, we have to understand the immediate and long-term needs of the end user. So we have to rely on our creativity while simultaneously challenging all concepts against research, trends, and preconceived notions. 


We work hard.

Transforming lives isn't easy. We push as hard as we can to beat deadlines, expectations, and convention. The core of our process is simple: as leaders in design projects, we set a strong example with our hard work.