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Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University Fort Myers Campus

Nova Southeastern University’s state-of-the-art satellite campus in Southwest Florida.

Designed to Incorporate a Connection to Nature

Through the interplay of form and materials, this four-story academic building serves as a transition space between a busy interstate and the quaint nature preserve in its backyard. An open-air lobby projects through the center of the building, framing views of the natural landscape with a delicate, but focused reverence. This lobby space serves as a unique entry plaza that creates a distinct engagement between visitors and the preserve. This relationship is carried throughout the interior with floor-to-ceiling windows and generous porches on the preserve sides of the building. These oversized, protected windows also create an immediate connection with nature on the first floor, where wildlife can come right up to the building, blending the separation of man-made and natural forms.

A Pronounced Design Language

The building’s style takes its inspiration from early 20th century southern vernacular design while galvanized steel detailing lends it a contemporary flavor. The use of natural materials such as wood, concrete, and earth-toned stucco help to connect the project to the site, while deep overhangs and projecting porches give the feel as if the building is reaching out to interact with its lush surroundings. These porches, along with a lively massing, create a sense of depth and layering that helps the building spring to life amid the flat, boxy office buildings that litter the interstate for miles in each direction.

A Landmark Entrance Elevates the Nova Southeastern Brand

The project plays an important role not only by thoughtfully balancing the needs of both the preserve and the highway, but by occupying a site adjacent to one of the most travelled junctions in the region- thus creating a landmark entrance to the city and a higher standard for the design of future projects in the growing area.

Key Project Features

  • 60,000 square feet
  • Designed to incorporate a connection to nature
  • Satellite campus
  • Nature preserve nearby