BreSheena Kinney

Project Coordinator

Hello, I am BreSheena.  I was born and raised in Metro Detroit. Learning about the fields of architecture, design, and engineering was a moment of realization for me in middle school, that I could choose a field that synthesized my interest in the built environment and my desire to alter the built environment to achieve answers and solutions for a changing world.

I took my first AutoCAD drafting course in high school.  I received a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. I have been in the industry for 6 years mainly doing healthcare, with a little commercial and retail.

I met my husband in the church choir. We married a few years ago. I look forward to time with my family. When I can, I enjoy many hobbies and interests. I lead an active lifestyle. I am quite musically inclined. I enjoy painting and any hobbies where expression can vary, and creativity can thrive. I am also known to be very adept at solving tough challenges in escape games.