Alex Brainerd

Business Operations Coordinator

Hi, my name is Alex Brainerd.

I work in the finance and operations department here at Studio+. My team and I help to improve business operations and procedures as well as monitor firm finances and track overall company goals.

My journey to Studio+ began in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Where at the age of 14 I spent my summers in different warehouses, painting, labeling, and filling chemical containers. Fast forward a couple of years and I had the opportunity to intern at a small architecture firm. This was my first introduction to the A&E world, and I loved it, but I knew I wanted to focus more on the finance and operations side of the industry. So, I attended college at Oklahoma State University, where I graduated with degrees in entrepreneurship and marketing. After graduation, I followed my family down to Southwest Florida, where the weather is nicer, and the water is bluer.

Surrounded by this blue water is where you’ll most likely find me in my free time, whether that means fishing, swimming, or just lounging by the beach. Aside from the water I love traveling with my friends and watching sports. So, if you are ever looking for someone to talk basketball or football with – shoot me an email.