Anthony Molèy

Senior Project Manager | General Manager

Hey! I’m Anthony. I lead the Studio+ Surface’s Tampa office. My professional background is Construction Management, Division 9 Interiors, Land Development and Real Estate investment.

Father of 3 wonderful young adult children and I am a grandfather! (Shhh! That’s just between you & I).

While I greatly enjoy life’s simple things like great food and chilling with family & friends. I’m also a HUGE adventure seeker. I’ve been blessed to have many interesting travel experiences around the world and through this great country.

Experiencing a diverse range of culture and people unlike myself, while eating their cuisine, contemplating random art, magnificent architecture and various forms of design; in unfamiliar lands outside my comfort zone, gives me exciting energy and learning opportunities that have expanded the boundary of my creative vision & thought. Gaining diverse knowledge & experiences have allowed me success in business and relationships I may have not otherwise been able to obtain without it.

I highly value my right & left-brain balance. Merging creative vision & analytical thought in equal portion is probably my greatest professional strength. My passions are learning, family, various arts, business, travel and numerous forms of design such as architecture, automotive, fashion & technology. (Tampa Bay Bucs & Manchester United Football get honorable passion mentions). I play several instruments, canvas paint and am bit of a photography nerd. Also, quite the cinema & music buff.

I truly enjoy being part of the Architecture & Construction industry and wouldn’t choose another career.