Dave Tran

Project Coordinator

“Never looking back or too far in front of me. The present is a gift and I just want to be.” — Common

As this quote implies, I don’t like going backwards or always moving forward. Instead, I enjoy the present. I think of myself as part of the new school. The focus in the built environment today is about the feeling that a space can accentuate to an audience, and it has become just as important as its function. My theory about architecture changes from time to time, but presently I see the parallels of music and the architectural world. I enjoy all genres of music from rap to rock, but I’ve always been interested in the culture of hip-hop. Like music, architecture can be the voice of a culture.

My projects outside of work consist of exploring my mind and my curiosity. Whether it is drawing, photography, inventing, researching the physical environment, or creating animations, I am always practicing to be more creative. This work I do with my design name: LotusNova. I aspire to be a creative professional and will soon share with the world my passion.