Josue “Josh” Jimenez

Project Manager

Hello, my name is Josue most of you know me as “Josh”.

Flooring has been second nature to me. I have been in the flooring business for over 25 years. I started working for my family owned business when I was 15 years old. To this day I thank my uncle for convincing me to never leave the business. It has taught me a great deal of resilience and patience. I always surrounded myself with people that would help me acquire more knowledge to help me expand my horizons. I believe a strong foundation leads to strong relationships. I believe in connecting bridges to build a strong city. Coming to Studio + was a great decision because I saw that I can accomplish exactly what I believe in.

I was born in Cuba and came when I was 6 years old. I grew up in Jamaica, Queens, and Miami, FL. I’m a baseball and football fan. The Yankees, NY Giants, and UM Hurricanes are my favorite teams. I love to travel. It helps that my wife works for Jet Blue!!!! We get to fly at no cost. I spend much of my time with my girls Isabella, 5; Jaylene, 13; Samantha, 14; and, Yesenia, 22. Even though they drive me crazy, my wife Melanie balances it all.