Julin Burdine

Interior Design Manager

Hi! I’m Julin, pronounced “Juleen.” I’m usually very smiley and I love to be around laughter and cheesy humor.

I graduated with my BA in Interior Design from Purdue University with a minor in Organizational Leadership Studies. All my life, I’ve had an urge to stay busy with my time and seek out work experience. This led to experiencing a few areas of the design industry. My work has included working abroad in international hospitality design, commercial office design, high-end residential design , historic preservation, and now healthcare!

I have a keen interest in international relations and am fascinated with cultural differences. I watch a lot of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (he helps fulfill that type of social exposure). I love traveling and reconnecting with old family and friends while indulging in tasty foods. I also have an undying love for shoes.

Outside of work, I am an active member of CREW Tampa Bay and will be serving on the Board of Directors for 2017-18 to support the industry of commercial real estate.