Keith Schutter

Senior Project Coordinator

I started my career in 1985, after attending a local college in Pennsylvania and completing a two-year program for both commercial art and architectural technologies. Showing my age, I learned and worked on a drafting board with pencil, ink and velum for a few years, adapting and changing to AutoCAD. My first job was very unique, I designed and supervised construction of stadium concert stages. Yes, for large national tours, like Madonna, Genesis, Van Halen, Pink Floyd and many more. For eleven years, I was able to learn, travel North America, and meet many different types of people and artists.

Once I learned my wife was going to have our daughter, I decided to make a change and joined a firm as a draftsman working on D.O.D. projects. These projects were with the Navy, Army, and Coast Guard where I learned a lot about detailing, construction administration, and processes for submissions.
Over the next few years, I decided to start my own design/drafting business. This was an eye-opening event in our lives, learning how and what to do to keep a business open and operating. This was an opportunity that worked well for myself and our family at the time, but after eleven years, I was approached from another firm about joining their team. With this opportunity, I was back to D.O.D. projects full time. I stayed with this firm until my wife and I decided to relocate to Florida.

Upon arrival in Florida, I was approached by a large firm to work within their Healthcare Division. This was a great opportunity to learn healthcare. Since then, I have joined Studio+, hoping to pass on some of my knowledge on how to put a drawing package together. My goal is to teach the younger staff on how to detail areas of the building and why things are done certain ways, but also showing different options to do the same task.

My hobbies include fishing, riding my motorcycle, or working around the house. Yes, working around the house, which I find relaxing…sounds crazy!