Scott Mann

Project Manager

Hello! Thanks for finding me here. Born and raised in California, I’m thankful for my American heritage as a Christian and glad to be here in the great state of Florida. My favorite way to pass the time is designing, building, and creating new things. I also enjoy the outdoors, playing hockey, and music.


I’ve two Architects in my family and have worked towards being one since learning it’s a real profession. My cousin was a licensed Architect and Contractor, and he encouraged me to take the route of a Master Builder. Since then, I’ve worked in construction, manufacturing, product design, architecture, and planning in one form or another. My experience has found me on shop floors, job sites, offices, classrooms, and in public forums around the globe. Before coming to Studio+, I worked for a global BIM software company where I taught Architecture firms how to use digital design tools, develop office standards, and help solve problems.