Studio+ Forecasts 2019 Commercial Architectural and Design Trends

Studio+, an integrated services design firm, has recently completed the architecture and interior design at the new NCH Bonita Freestanding Emergency Department. The first floor of the facility opened in December 2018 and the

Studio+, an integrated services firm, is forecasting commercial architectural and design trends for 2019 including sustainable architecture, bringing the outdoors in, and a renewed focus on user experience.

Sustainable Architecture

The issue of sustainability has started influencing architecture with a higher demand for eco-friendly designs. As people become more concerned about environmental impact, they are starting to desire buildings and homes that minimalize their impact and use more earth-friendly products.

Locally, Babcock Ranch Neighborhood School is a prime example. When creating the design, sustainability was part of every step, and as a result, the project accomplished a Green Globes certification. Green Globes is a nationally recognized green rating assessment, guidance, and certification program that further verifies the buildings sustainable aspects.

Bring the Outdoors In

Many designs are utilizing nature as inspiration with color and textures mimicking the outdoors. Warm colors and cues from nature are being used in designs to incorporate the outdoors inside. This is especially popular in healthcare architecture and design as nature can encourage healing and promote a healthier life.

City of Hope’s Rita Cooper Finkel and J. William Finkel Women’s Healthcare Center exemplifies this concept in their design theme by using color palettes that suggest a natural environment. The tones and wood-like textures evoke feelings of tranquility.

Focus on Experience

An integral part of design and architecture is the user’s experience. A space must be attractive and functional, but ultimately it’s how people feel in and use the space that matters. For example, utilizing fantasy to defeat anxiety, the interior design of the North Naples Pediatric Emergency Department included storytelling elements, such as custom ambient lighting, furniture shaped as different animal characters, and interactive video projectors.

“As an industry leader we are noticing these trends and staying ahead of them with our designs,” says Mark Shannon, Project Manager. “We partner with our clients to take these trends and other best practices into mind when designing their space. From surface materials to flow paths, everything impacts the ultimate user experience and performance of a space.”

About Studio+

Studio+ is a design firm focused on transforming the lives of those we touch, with a focus in healthcare, senior living, commercial, education and municipal markets. The firm provides a number of services: Architecture, Interior Design, and Lean Design. We integrate these services to bring a unique product to our clients – seamless services that deliver results beyond typical expectations.

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