Studio+ Entering Construction for Renovation & Expansion at NCH Baker Emergency Department

Studio+ has completed design and is entering construction of the NCH Baker Downtown Emergency Department renovation and expansion. NCH’s design objective for the expansion focuses on improving the operational flow of the department, providing more exam and observation units during seasonal fluctuations. The project consists of a new main patient walk-in entry, a new waiting area, 2 triage rooms, 43 new exam rooms, 6 trauma rooms, 3 lean care areas, a nurse station, and more emergency dedicated service rooms.

Although the new ED serves the multigenerational community, NCH treats many patients from the large elderly population in the area and strives to meet the requirements of the Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation.  To better support the Naples aging community, simple and intuitive wayfinding features are being implemented to help these patients navigate the space while creating efficient workflow patterns for care providers.  Once the addition is built, patients and staff will relocate and occupy the new space while the design team renovates the existing emergency department. All work will be sequenced to maintain full operation of the ED throughout the duration of the project.

NCH Baker ED is targeting completion nearing the end of 2021 totaling approximately 47,000 SF.  Partners for the project include DeAngelis Diamond, Affiliated Engineers, Select Structural, Hole Montes, Architectural Land Design Inc., and Mitchell Planning.