Studio+ and Venture X Adapting Office Design for a Pandemic World

Working from home during a pandemic can ensure your safety from the virus, however it may come at a cost. In-person meetings, productivity, and collaboration are quickly traded in for the persistent interruptions of children or the constant reminders of daily housework. Commercial coworking spaces, like Venture x, are adapting their design model to respect social distancing guidelines while giving people the office environment fix they are all craving.


Studio+ designers are working with Venture X to create solutions within corporate spaces that meet the needs of this pandemic world while offering a welcoming high-end office environment. This new location is equipped with built-in virus guards including touchless entry systems, state-of-the-art digital tools that provide virtual meetings, and fresh outside air being filtered in every 10 minutes.  These amenities offer peace of mind while increasing customer safety.


At a time when health and wellness is on everyone’s mind, Studio+ design concept intends to bring the outdoors in by incorporating live vertical gardens and bio walls, sustainable wood finishes, and an abundance of natural light throughout the space. Complete with 70 spacious private offices, collaboration booths, communal tables, multiple meeting rooms, and a podcast recording studio this high-quality office space is giving all businesses the preferred “work from anywhere” experience their employees desire. With sweeping views of Naples coastal skyline, Venture X’s new luxury workspace is in the heart of Naples Pine Ridge Road and Tamiami Trail and is slated to open February 2021.