Moving Past 2020’s Business Paradigm Shift

Architecture has long been driven by collaboration within a studio environment, however the year 2020 has put this practice to the test.

Since its inception in 2011, Studio+ has utilized a collaborative studio design process — a process where all levels of architects, designers, contractors, and engineers, work in tandem with clients and end-users, in-person to iron out a collective bought-in concept. Like almost all businesses, this process was forced to change and adapt overnight. It became the norm to live and work around isolations, quarantines, cold-like-symptoms, anxieties, and much more. Studio+, like many organizations, had to balance business needs and personal needs on a daily basis. Tried and true design and business processes flexed in unexpected ways, yet the positive “bring it on” attitude at Studio+ prevailed.

While the technological infrastructure was already set-up to work from home, the team had to discover new methods of delivering design solutions to clients without meeting in person and/or on-site.  As a result, Studio+ is now better suited to respond to uncontrollable changes in its environment. The inherent leadership ingrained in our architectural team has put us in a unique position to lead our clients through these challenges. Whether it be economic, pandemic, or professional challenges, Studio+ has built an infrastructure flexible enough to adapt and evolve while still delivering design solutions that transform lives.

2020 may be a year most people will want to forget, but for Studio+, 2020 is a year that demonstrated what our team of architects and designers are capable of under the most unexpectable conditions. Looking ahead in the future years to come, Studio+ will build from these lessons learned in 2020 and continue to provide impactful design solutions.