GenesisCare to Renovate Corporate Office, Treatment Centers in SWFL

GenesisCare, one of the largest oncology treatment providers in the U.S., is expanding in Florida. Following its recent acquisition of cancer care provider 21st Century Oncology, GenesisCare increased its treatment center footprint to more than 192 centers in Florida, with 52 cancer centers in Southwest Florida alone.

Upon this acquisition, GenesisCare will introduce four new non-invasive cancer treatment machines as well as Varian Edge. This advanced software is the first of its kind to be implemented at its facility in Cape Coral.  Studio+ and GenesisCare plan to replace at least 12 linear accelerators across Florida, Michigan, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Studio+ is studying the consolidation of operations from three existing buildings into one 48,000-square-foot corporate service center on Colonial Boulevard in Fort Myers. GenesisCare plans to pursue rebranding throughout Florida and across the country with upgrades to facilities, technology, new physician appointments, and more.