Studio+ Completes Design of Babcock Ranch High School & Field House

Studio+ and DAG Architects completes the design for Babcock Ranch’s first state-of-the-art high school and 40,000 square foot multi-purpose field house, serving both as an emergency shelter and recreation center. Both facilities are being designed and built concurrently and should be ready for the 2022-23 school year.

Consisting of approximately 43,000 square feet, Babcock High School is designed to reflect the project-based learning and STEAM education offered to this hometown community. BHS will include 26 classrooms, science labs with gas and electric connections, multiple assembly areas, wood-working areas, media rooms, and administrative offices. The new high school is situated south of the existing Babcock Neighborhood School, which serves kindergarten through 8th grade students, providing an easy transition into the high school years. To further enhance learning capabilities surrounding the STEAM curriculum, BHS is providing their high schoolers with a dedicated wood-working area called the Makers Lab featuring laser cutting tools, power tools, and advanced digital equipment and software. The assembly hall boasts a large dual staircase and acts as a platform at the heart of the high school perfectly suited to relay school announcements and host group gatherings.

Additionally, Babcock Ranch is introducing The Hive, a centrally located open-office teacher’s area on the first and second floor, which overlooks the open assembly hall and hallway corridors. The Hive is fully surrounded by glass to offer transparency while providing teachers and faculty a space to hold meetings, build out curriculum, and exchange information. The shelter and high school are part of a much larger development including the addition of multi-purpose fields, a baseball diamond, and a softball field to Jack Peeples Park.

Disclaimer: Babcock Ranch reserves the right to change or modify any information or content prior to full completion of design and construction of projects.