Studio+ 10 Year Anniversary Employee Retreat

After ten years in business, Studio+ hosted a ceremonious party recognizing our employees for their dedication, support, and a decade of designs. Starting with 8 employees in an 800 square foot office, and now in 2021 with over 50 employees and 4 office locations, we are proud of the progress Studio+ has made and it’s all due to the continued efforts of our talented employees. Of course, the party can’t be summarized with a couple of photos, but here are a few to highlight our anniversary celebration.


Studio+ Superlatives

Every office is chock-full of people who stand out for one reason or another, let it be for the person who takes the biggest risks, or the person who is most likely to lose items on their desk – nevertheless, they should be recognized. We comprised a list of 12 funny-but-true awards and created hand-made, personalized trophies for each. Thank you to our winners for being such good sports.


1. Bermuda Triangle Award: Most Likely to Lose Things on Desk

2. GPS Award: Most Likely to Know Where Anyone is at Any Given Time

3. Grandma’s Dumpling Award: For most comforting

4. Hotline Bling Award: It could be two in the morning — somehow, this coworker needs you to wait for just a second because they’re on a call.

5. The Plug Award: Always has the hookup

6. Drinking Water in Mexico award: For the biggest risk-taker, most likely to push the limits

7. White Knight Award: Always willing to help

8. Swiss Army Knife Award: Jack-of-all-Trades

9. Confetti Award: Most Likely to Find a Reason to Celebrate

10. Light at the End of the Tunnel Award: Most Likely to See the Positive

11. MacGyver Award: The go-to person for fixing things

12. Loch Ness Award: Least likely to be found


Here are the winners!

Conference Room   Party Room!


Special thanks to our employees who have been with us since Day One.
Your loyalty and leadership will never go unnoticed.