Global Design Camp

Studio+ continuously looks for ways to shed light on the world of architecture and design to students of all ages. Non-profit organization, STEM Xposure, aims to expose minority students to STEM careers through various camps organized throughout the year. From the science of beauty, to the legalization of tiny homes, the program offers more than design camps and has received several endorsements, including Tampa Florida Mayor Jane Castor.

The Global Design Camp, an initiative organized by STEM Xposure Inc., has emerged as a dynamic platform for fostering global awareness in the field of architecture. In its endeavor to “Connect the World through Architecture,” the camp brings together a diverse group of students from around the globe. Their mission? To collectively develop innovative and affordable housing solutions that address the pressing issue of the affordable housing crisis, not only in the Tampa area but also in the regions where these students reside.

On the first day of the camp, the objectives were as ambitious as they were enlightening. The students embarked on a journey to unravel the multifaceted role of an Architectural Designer. Studio+’s own Rachel Hunter kicked off the event by delving into “Architecture 101” and emphasizing the imperative for more BIPOC representation in the field. They delved into the intricacies of evaluating a Request for Proposal, a crucial skill that aids in comprehending client requirements accurately. Distinguishing between project criteria and limitations emerged as another pivotal aspect, ensuring that the proposed designs align with creative aspirations and real-world constraints. One of the primary focuses was on recognizing the client and deciphering their needs, desires, and expectations, which lays the foundation for successful architectural endeavors.


Black women comprise just 0.4% of licensed architects, underscoring the critical need for increased diversity in architectural professions.

Rachel Hunter, AIA, NCARB
Project Manager | Associate Principal Studio+

Remarkably, the Global Design Camp transcends geographical boundaries, as more than a hundred talented students spanning four different time zones united under its banner. This extraordinary convergence of minds, cultures, and perspectives constitutes the driving force behind the camp’s success. The camp’s overarching objective of providing practical solutions to the affordable housing crisis took center stage. Through their collaborative efforts, the students crafted innovative designs that have the potential to transform communities and uplift individuals in need of affordable housing options. By utilizing architecture as a vehicle for positive change, the Global Design Camp transcends being just an educational event—it becomes a transformative force for good.

Mayor Jane Castor of Tampa extended a warm welcome to the esteemed guest, Elizabeth Muli, the Minister of ICT, Education, and Internship from Makueni County, Kenya. This gesture not only reinforced the international nature of the camp but also underlined the significance of such cross-cultural exchanges in promoting global understanding and collaboration.


Another STEM Xposure event Studio+ is proud to be a part of was the the “She Draws Tampa Bay”. An architecture and construction camp focused on young girls in STEM fields. At this camp, local girls 13 -17 years old will work in teams to provide affordable housing options for the Tampa Bay area. The design solutions developed will serve to address the affordable housing crisis in the Tampa area as well as the communities where the students reside. Students will interact with different design software including SketchUp – long-time partners of STEM Xposure Inc.

Students also have the privilege to work together with various experts in the Building Construction profession and the STEM industry. The top three projects are selected and considered for construction. Since 2018, STEM Xposure Inc. Has impacted over 500 students, with many now pursuing Architecture for their career path.