Celebrating Lee Health CCH ICU and Dialysis Grand Opening

Studio+ proudly participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the grand opening of Lee Health CCH ICU and Dialysis in Cape Coral. Lee Health’s Cape Coral Hospital has grown stronger with an expanded ICU, now boasting 34 patient beds and an increased dialysis capacity from four to six units.

This architectural feature adds more than just physical space – it adds depth and accessibility to critical care for the thriving Cape Coral population and beyond. The expansion, featuring an impressive 11,190 square feet of vertical space over an existing MRI and ultrasound area, is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare design.

Our team’s contribution of 12 ICU rooms and strategically positioned staff support areas, seamlessly integrated with the existing second floor. The standout feature is the HVAC pandemic mode – an innovative development that converts the new facility into an independent negative pressure wing during widespread infectious diseases, ensuring the highest standards of safety and patient care