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Maria Villa

Project Coordinator

I was born in Santa Marta, Colombia, and I am an architect with studies in plastic arts. I also earned Associate Degrees in Computer Drafting/Design and Lead Auditing based on Quality Environment, Occupational Health, and Safety Management. I now work at Studio+ in Fort Myers, Florida on both architecture and interior design.

I am a mother of two children. They bring color into my life every single day. We love enjoying special moments together, such as cooking, traveling, creating art, and enjoying our shared passion for playing soccer.

I enjoy creating a parallel between imagination and the world in which we live, the fascination with functional art of design, and the enthusiasm for solving practical problems. I value working with other people to integrate spaces depending on their function and needs. I enjoy achieving clean designs that integrate space with the exterior, which is a fundamental essence of my creative style. A pencil, sharpener, eraser, and ruler were the essential tools when I began in the drafting world... now my favorite tools are the variety of software available that help me create outstanding work.

The inspiration is so simple... it's just drawing your thinking!