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Gartner Campus South – Skyplex

Gartner Campus South – Skyplex

Designing an innovative, modern workplace centered around collaboration areas and overall team success.

The design integrated our core & shell architecture service and contemporary staff amenities.

This project is an expansion of the Gartner campus, adding the Skyplex campus off P. H. Doherty Road. Each floor plan includes typical footprint based on 33,000 SF floor plate showing structural gridlines, emergency egress stairs, tilt-up panel exterior envelope walls, and MEP support spaces. Floor plans also include core area approximately 5,000 SF showing main entrance lobby, 2-level atrium space, grand open staircase, two access points to each main building, two elevators, restrooms, storage, greeter desk, and MEP support spaces.

Studio+ has the experience and expertise to assist in the many phases of the design process.

From the start, we were involved in the planning and design, while successfully collaborating with our sub-consultants and contractors for a number of services. We were responsible for site planning, core & shell architectural & engineering services, interior design services for the main lobby, and construction administration throughout the entire project via our in-house CA team.

Key Project Features

  • 237,613 SF
  • Grand Open Staircase
  • 2-Level Atrium Space