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Moorings Park Exterior Renovation

Moorings Park Exterior Renovation

The modern architectural theme and superior materials used ensure the finished towers are consistent with the existing development within the campus.

Maximizing occupant experience while completing a contemporary exterior renovation.

Located centrally on the Moorings Park campus, the purpose of this project was to add a new weathertight envelope to the existing resident towers while providing an updated aesthetic for the campus. Contemporary in design, plans include the use of a variety of sophisticated exterior materials and architectural elements, including a curtain wall that will enhance resident experience and bring texture to the design.  The primary goals were to maximize occupant experience and views from the resident units, while updating the façade to compliment the overall campus aesthetic, reflecting the ‘Mediterranean Modern’ design that has been recently incorporated.



Key Project Features

  • Exterior Renovation
  • Curtain Wall
  • 'Mediterranean Modern' design