NCH Baker Phase 5 CCU

Renovating existing space to provide necessary resources for a new Critical Care Unit while improving employee workflow.

A Place of Healing for Critical Care Patients

The renovated 18,654 square foot third floor south tower now provides 22 new critical care beds and support areas for staff and patient families. The design of the Critical Care Unit has support functions located near the core and patient rooms along the perimeter allowing natural daylight and easy access to care. There is a warm, neutral color palette and carefully selected artwork with inspiration derived from nature. This helps create a healing environment that can reduce the anxiety of critical care situations.

Lean Design 3P Mockup Improves End-User Workflows

The design team and end-users participated in a 3P event, which included a full scale mockup, to test the design ideas and ensure the design provided efficient workflows that truly meet their needs to improve operations. We implemented decentralized nurses’ stations and supply spaces. Staff members are evenly distributed around the unit closer to the point of care, and with improved visibility of the patient. Supplies are strategically located to reduce staff walking to increase patient care time.

Key Project Features

  • 18,645 square foot
  • 22 New critical care beds
  • Lean design 3P planning with full scale mockup