Park Royal Behavioral Hospital

Multispecialty behavioral health services require a fine balance between safety, efficiency, and simplicity.

Diverse Care is the First of Its Kind in SWFL

Park Royal Hospital is the premiere behavioral health hospital in Southwest Florida. The three-story facility is split between four separate treatment wings, each dedicated to serving the psychiatric needs of a specific population.

Interiors that Encourage Healing

Crucial to the design of the hospital were the selections of color in finishes and furniture. Interior design research led to the selection of hues of green and blue to inspire serenity, while extensive daylighting encourages a bond with the natural outdoor world.

Designed to Balance Safety and Privacy

Two types of wing designs were utilized to handle the operational needs of staff and patients. A conventional race-track style unit best serves patients requiring intensive supervision and/or isolation, while an open floor wing provides the patient’s freedom and interactivity for those who will best benefit from it.

Key Project Features

  • Fort Myers, FL
  • 72,000 Square Feet
  • LEED-NC V3 Certified
  • 76 bed greenfield hospital
  • 19 bed for senior intervention wing
  • 19 bed seniors transition program
  • 19 bed for adult psychiatric ICU
  • 19 bed for adult treatment wing

March 2024 Expansion