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ReEmployability Inc. National Headquarters

ReEmployAbility, Inc. National Headquarters

Enhancing culture and supporting strategic growth in the heart of Tampa.

ReEmployAbility HQ is a dynamic and modern workplace that harnesses the company’s thriving culture. The new office space will accommodate the rapid growth and future plans of the company, providing offices, conference rooms, and a state-of-the-art training center.

Reflecting the unique culture of this growing company, the design team transformed the existing space connecting modern design with historical elements of Tampa. All offices, collaboration spaces, and conference rooms were partitioned with frosted glass wall systems and built along existing windows to utilize natural light. Inspired by the local history of Tampa, all collaboration and conference rooms are named after Tampa neighborhoods, landmarks, and icons.

Highlighting the company logo and branding, bright purple accent walls and green paneled system furniture were featured in offices and meeting rooms. Bright yellow was used in the café area to reflect the energy of the communal dining and social gathering space. The interior spaces are tailored to the unique needs of each department to efficiently drive ReEmployAbility’s mission forward.

Key Project Features

  • Completed in Only 4 Months!
  • Approx. 25,450 SF
  • Tailored Interior Spaces to the Unique Needs of Each Department