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Lee Health Outpatient Center at Surfside

Outpatient Center at Surfside

Designed for an exceptional patient experience, the Outpatient Center at Surfside features a Breast Health Center, imaging, lab services, and physician offices.

The Outpatient Center at Surfside provides a one-stop destination for patients, many of whom require multiple services. The facility features services for primary care, including internal medicine and family medicine; imaging, including MRI, CT, X-ray, ultrasound; breast health center, which offers biopsies, needle placements, mammography, bone density testing and breast MRI; and lab draw stations.

From initial planning through patient care, Surfside was designed for flexibility, adaptability, and expansion. Surfside is Lee Health’s first Lean-designed facility, geared to not only be patient friendly, but to move people through quickly. A spacious lobby, bright waiting room and snack area were incorporated to create a comfortable, welcoming environment. Twenty state-of-the-art examination rooms surround a central computer area where all records are stored outside the rooms for ease of access. Various entrances to the facility depended on what services are needed maintain privacy and improve the flow of the building.

Key Project Features

  • 27,000 SF facility
  • Medical Offices
  • Multi-Specialty Imaging Center