Agus Tio

Architectural Designer

Hello, my name is Agus. I am an Architectural Designer at Studio+ in the Los Angeles office. I was born and raised in Indonesia, then I moved to California right after my high school graduation to pursue my passion for architecture. Drawing and designing have been my passion since I was little, ultimately leading me to pursue a career in architecture.

Prior to receiving my undergraduate degree, I received my Associate Degree in Architecture from the College of the Desert in Palm Desert. Following that, I transferred to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and spent three years full of tears of joy of sleepless nights. I ultimately graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture.

In previous work experience, I have worked and engaged in a broad range of project types including education, commercial, residential, mix-used building, high-rise, interior, and sustainable design projects. These involvements gave me an intensive knowledge of the principles of Architectural and interior design that furthered my career as a designer at Studio+.

I enjoy drawing, reading, listening to music, photography, hiking, and spending fun time with my family.