Amy Taber

Project Coordinator

Hi, my name is Amy and I recently joined the Studio + team!

I graduated from USC and moved to Brooklyn, then San Jose, CA then Petaluma, CA, and finally Van Nuys, CA. While living in Brooklyn, I worked on hospitality projects and explored the city until 4 am. When I relocated to San Jose, I became involved in school renovations and have since then continued to work in education. I worked with districts in San Jose all the way up to Clearlake. One challenge I had on education projects are the meetings held with the community and stakeholders to address their concerns and goals for the project. By taking the comments and synthesizing them into a project, my team was able to create a project that works for everyone and a beautiful space for the next generation.

Prior to family, I enjoyed traveling. I like wandering the city and finding unique shops like Maille mustard shop in Paris to get a Fig Coriander mustard or a small courtyard with a calming water feature between the towering buildings in New York City. I plan to continue to explore the globe once my children are older and the world is healthier.

My family unit consists of two children, a dog, and a husband. I am an avid gamer (board and video) and can be often found deep in thought on how to beat a 3-year-old in Connect4. While I love to eat good food, I also love cooking! I make bread, pizza, and tasty Japanese curry.