Ana Krekman

Architectural Designer

Hello, I’m Ana! I’m a recent graduate in Architecture from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Magna Cum-Laude, and I’m serving as an Architectural Designer here at Studio+ in Tampa, Florida.

I was born in Croatia and was raised in different places like Croatia, Canada and, Turkey, but my architectural journey took off during high school in the United Arab Emirates, where I gained a unique perspective on design, sparking my passion for architecture.

At eighteen, I decided to venture to the United States to further my educational journey by attending SCAD. While at SCAD, I diligently pursued my degree and worked on various projects and competitions within Savannah, GA, and abroad.During this time, I also lived and interned in Los Angeles, CA, to further my knowledge and gain a first-person perspective on different sectors within architecture. Upon graduation, I moved to Florida, fell in love with the community, and joined an incredible and honest team here at Studio+.

When I’m not in the office, I surround myself with my family and friends, test the limits of my cooking capabilities, and try new things. I also grew up playing sports like fencing, swimming and softball, which really shaped the person I am, so I love activities that bring out the athlete in me.