Barbara Hughes

Sr. Project Coordinator

Hi, I’m Barbara!

I came to architecture early in life when a grade school homework assignment asked me to design the layout for a room in a house; I handed in a project that designed a room, the fireplace, the furniture, the entire home. How could I design something in isolation?

My college education was interrupted by the arrival of my daughter, then another daughter, and finally my son. They are the loves of my life and tending to them as they grew into the amazing adults they are has been my life’s work and privilege. I went back to university in my 40s and completed my undergrad degree in architecture, magna cum laude, and immediately went on to receive a master’s in architecture at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. A generalist at heart, I enjoy the discovery of how parts and pieces fit into the whole of a system, working together and responding to one another.

When I am not at my computer I can be found outside, exploring. Boating, sailing, kayaking, biking, hiking, are all means to explore my photography hobby. As the 7th of 9 children, I am an observer and always aware I am part of something bigger than myself and I love to get out and capture all that I find.