Logan Tackmann

Senior Project Coordinator

Hello, my name is Logan. I was born and raised in West Michigan, in the Grand Rapids Area. I am the youngest of four children, and spent my summers growing up traveling and exploring the country with my family. I attended Ferris State University, where I dual majored in Architecture and Sustainability, as well as Facilities Management. Upon graduating Ferris, I was ready for a change of location, and some warmer weather, so I applied to Studio+. While working full time at Studio+, I was able to complete my Masters, through Boston Architectural College

Since starting my career in the fall of 2017, I have had the opportunity to be exposed to a wide range of projects, spanning several states, and countries, but I have found my passion is for healthcare architecture. I have found that the role and impact that architecture can have in a healthcare setting is nothing short of profound. Striving to bring comfort to patients, respite to loved ones going through the toughest moments of their life, or helping support a great standard of care through the built environment, is what motivates me, and drives me to deliver the best possible documents and design.

I also found that I maintained my passion to be close to my family. So, in 2022, I moved back to Grand Rapids to be close to my family, and to play a larger role in my Niece and Nephews’ lives. I now work in a remote capacity from the Grand Rapids area. I have the incredible opportunity to continue working with a great team, on projects that I am passionate about, while being close to loved ones.