Natalie Hagobian

Principal | Senior Project Manager

Hi, I’m Natalie. I was born in Beirut, Lebanon and moved to Los Angeles when I was 6 years old. Here, I attended a private Armenian school for my primary and secondary education and was part of a graduating class of 60 students. As a kid, I was interested in pursuing law, but an aptitude test during my freshman year of high school indicated that I’d do best in a career that’s creative, artistic and design oriented.

I attended Woodbury University, a small private university in Burbank, California. After a grueling 5 years of intense studios, sleepless nights, a study-abroad program in Paris, France, joining a sorority and making lifelong friends, I received my Bachelor of Architecture. Oh, and I met a boy in 2nd year studio who I married after graduation.

My career in architecture began 25 years ago at a firm that mainly focused on projects in the education sector, and every other firm that I have worked at since was coincidentally in the same niche. I briefly left the work force to have my two kids and returned a few years later to juggle motherhood and my career.

Throughout my professional experience, I have found fulfillment in seeing a project through its entire process. I find the construction aspect of the process the most rewarding because it’s the culmination of the vision and the expertise of the detailing that makes the project’s execution awe-inspiring.

When I’m not working, I’m mothering, wife-ing, hanging out with family and friends, trying new restaurants, and going to concerts.