Tanmay Sabharwal

Senior Project Coordinator

Hello everyone. This is Tanmay, a recent international addition to the vibrant team at Studio+ Orange County. Hailing from the other side of the world, [Mumbai, India] I look forward to bringing in my flavors and cultures of the East.

I’d like to consider myself a contemplator, one who wishes to question most of the mundane conventions and prejudices that exist in the society we live in. With big dreams and even bigger conviction, I look forward to seeing myself develop as a professional that could aid in initiating a positive CHANGE in the world. On a lighter note, I play a few Classical Indian percussions, have represented my School/ College in National Level Cricket and was recently recognized with Thesis Honors for my exposition on Olympics. Huge Foodie at heart, I like to spend part of the day either on my bed or at a restaurant.

A graduate from the Savannah College of Art & Design [M-ARCH] and a humble admirer of the profession since as far as I can remember, my next aim is to learn how buildings come together in real life and Studio+ seemed the perfect start for me in this journey.