Effective academic architectural solutions requires a fine balance between functionality and compelling aesthetics.


University of Southern California


Through the course of more than 25 projects delivered in our 3.5-year partnership with USC, Studio+ has helped the University maintain its reputation among the world’s leading private research institutions.  Our value-based design solutions – for projects as varied as administrative spaces, chemistry labs, physics labs, thin film and bio-safety level 2 labs, and sports and recreation projects - have enhanced the education curriculum and experiential learning activities that are constantly evolving at USC.  Through the design of modern, advanced learning environments, USC will continue to advance scientific exploration.

Among our projects for USC was the Vivian Hall of Engineering 713 and 719 labs.  These two new lab rooms facilitate research focusing on the growth of thin film materials using pulsed laser deposition and their characterization and transport properties. The Growth Lab features a pulsed high power excimer laser with several vacuum chambers evacuated using several turbo molecular pumps and wet or dry roughing pumps. In order to house these labs, an extensive amount of utilities was organized into the compact space - including laser gases, chilled water equipment, and pump exhaust – all of which are piped to an overhead utility carrier serving lab equipment. Custom pump cabinets, lab furniture, snorkel exhaust, furnaces, gas cabinets, gas detection, new HVAC service, and an acid fume hood system were also included in this 1,000 SF space.