Studio X marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Arthrex’s global headquarters in Naples, Florida, where over 1,000 medical education videos are crafted annually. This cutting-edge facility spans 24,000 square feet, showcasing state-of-the-art media production technology that reflects their steadfast dedication to advancing innovative medical education resources for healthcare professionals worldwide.

Studio X comprises three distinct zones tailored for video content creation. The Holodeck Extended Reality (XR) Stage integrates advanced features such as high-resolution motion-tracking cameras, LED walls, and an LED floor, delivering an immersive, interactive spatial experience for both presenters and audiences. The Surgical Studio suite incorporates Arthrex’s latest Synergy technology, elevating the visual quality of surgical techniques and illustrating new workflow and procedural efficiencies. The Virtual Production Stage envelops presenters with a towering 100-foot LED volume, fostering engaging panel discussions, case presentations, and patient outcome videos.

Beyond its role in media production, Studio X serves as a strategic planning and design hub for future ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). Surgeons and administrators can engage in hands-on demonstrations utilizing the Synergy OR integration platform. Architectural designs for ASCs come to life in 3D on the XR stage, allowing for real-time manipulation and immersive planning experiences. From comprehensive OR integration to specialized treatment rooms for Orthobiologic and Nano Arthroscopy, ASCs can be tailored for emerging technologies and less invasive procedures.

For Studio+, a healthcare-focused design firm, this facility represents the seamless fusion of science and art, providing a unique intersection that introduces healthcare professionals to the latest innovations and techniques from Arthrex through interactive and immersive medical education resources.


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