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Lee Health ICU + Dialysis



This expansion seamlessly integrates an additional 11,190 square feet of vertical space, perched above the existing MRI and ultrasound facilities. Within this elevated realm, a symphony of innovation takes shape, introducing 12 meticulously designed ICU rooms, dedicated staff support areas, and a groundbreaking HVAC system that redefines the standards of healthcare infrastructure.

There are 12 additional ICU rooms and staff support areas linked to the existing second floor. A defining feature, the first-of-its-kind HVAC pandemic mode, emerges as a beacon of preparedness. This mode empowers the new addition to transform into a self-sustained negative pressure wing, expertly expanding isolation patient space during the unforeseen challenges of a pandemic or widespread infectious disease occurrence.

This feature stands as a testament to the convergence of thoughtful design and cutting-edge healthcare solutions. Also underscoring Lee Health’s unwavering commitment to patient safety and preparedness in the face of potential health crises, positioning the Cape Coral Hospital ICU as a frontrunner in healthcare innovation.

Key Project Features

  • Groundbreaking HVAC system
  • 34 patient beds
  • Unique pandemic mode