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Babcock Ranch High School

Babcock Ranch High School

Unlocking the power, potential, and future pattern of education

Situated as the fastest growing community in America, Babcock Ranch recognized the need to expand its educational campus and provide an innovative high school experience to the forward-thinking solar-powered community.

The new high school, located adjacent to the K-8 school, features science labs, woodworking areas, collaboration zones, learning commons, and a wide array of advanced technology like robotics and a 3D printer lab. The result is a future-ready campus that provides its students and faculty with the tools and spaces they need to develop world change-makers.

Most modern schools are designed, built, and programmed according to a set prototype. They are highly institutional with little room for flexibility. If you were to tour two schools in two different states, you’d probably see a great deal of consistency between the two spaces. Babcock Ranch wanted something outside of the ordinary—so we went to the drawing table and created something new.

A core element of the school’s programming that would go on to guide and influence all of our design decisions was the idea of Learning Choice.