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City of Hope Women’s Center

City of Hope

Transforming healthcare requires extensive collaboration between healthcare systems and architectural designers.

Healthcare is constantly under pressure to utilize resources more efficiently, do more with less, and deliver better outcomes. When City of Hope needs a design partner to help achieve these goals, they look to us as their trusted partner. Over the course of our 3.5 year relationship, we’ve designed over 60 projects, ranging from practical equipment replacements to transformative cancer centers.

The Rita Cooper Finkel and J. William Finkel Women’s Healthcare Center was one example of a space that, by updating an existing space with a modern facility, enabled City of Hope to fulfill its mission to provide state-of-the-art screening, diagnosis, and treatment technologies in a space that heals the physical and emotional needs of patients. The renovation revitalized a windowless basement administrative space into an ambulatory care center into a central hub for City of Hope’s multidisciplinary team of cancer care specialists.

But the transformation did more than offer improved coordination of care—with warm colors and cues from nature, the design established a visual theme that created a serene environment. With bright, spacious reception and registration areas, as well as a satellite Positive Image Center, the facility established a calming sense of place for cancer patients.