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ClearkSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Lecanto


Helping patients recover from acute medical issues, offering physical, occupational, vocational, or speech therapy in a non-acute setting after stabilization.

A new ground-up rehabilitation hospital of approximately 42,745 S.F. The project includes 36 bed patient rooms, 2 bariatric patient rooms, 2 isolation patient rooms, physical therapy gym, a pharmacy, multipurpose rooms, staff rooms, nurse station, commercial kitchen area, activities of daily live (ADL), administrative areas, and support spaces to meet the demand of the community.

The contemporary aesthetic of this building is meticulously crafted by working closely with our client and a dedicated commitment to align with Citrus County’s stringent local design guidelines. As you step inside this space for healing, you are immediately transported to the serene and captivating ambiance of a Florida sunset. Every facet of the interior is thoughtfully designed to replicate the warm and inviting qualities that one associates with the breathtaking spectacle of the sun dipping below the horizon in the Sunshine State. It embodies the essence of Florida’s rich cultural heritage, its stunning natural landscapes, and the lively spirit of its residents.

In short, this building stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, design expertise, and a deep appreciation for the cultural and natural wonders of Florida.

A rehabilitation hospital is a facility that is operated for the primary purpose of assisting in the rehabilitation of patients, following stabilization of their acute medical issues from a hospital, whom will be cared for either physical, occupation, vocational or speech in a non-acute care environment.