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NCH Judith & Marvin Herb Family Simulation Center


A space designed to provide standardized and customized scenarios to improve patient safety and outcomes, prepping the next generation of physicians, medical residents, nurses, therapists, EMS, and other clinical staff which will collectively enhance individual and community health.

The simulation center provides a highly realistic learning environment that immerses learners in real-life situations, complete with complexities and distractions that one would encounter in actual medical settings. Whether dealing with basic medical issues or critical, life-threatening emergencies, the center equips learners with essential procedural skills, scenario-based training, and opportunities for teamwork, communication, and inter- and intra-professional training.

This project entails the complete renovation of 10,365 sf space tailored to accommodate: a learner’s area, a large multi-functional room that can easily be divided into 3 classrooms, a green room, a conference room, an immersive room, 2 debriefing rooms, 4 private offices, 2 laboratories, 2 control rooms, exam room, 4 sim rooms, and a moulage room.

The design of the space is made in a technologically advanced, modern Hi-Tech style, attracting and training talented people in a sleek environment. It utilizes a sophisticated palette of gray tones, natural wood, and blue accents.

Visitors are immediately brought into direct contact with an illuminated NCH Healthcare System signage, and linear lighting that creates a visual path further into the space. The use of reflective wall and floor surfaces gives the space a sense of motion, fluidity, and continuity.

A monotone use of dark blue in the Learners Area against white walls provides a dramatic touch to the design. Considering that this open gathering space is located right across from the classrooms, acoustic comfort is achieved by using felt panels and a high NRC Acoustibuilt ceiling.