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Health City Advanced Tertiary Hospital


Making affordable, single-payer destination healthcare through innovative design and inclusive collaboration.

To meet the immediate needs of both the Caribbean and international populace, client Narayana Health needed Health City designed and built in under 2 years. We delivered the project in 21 months.

To navigate the potential red-tape involved in establishing an entirely new health system, and in order to keep the project on time and on budget, the integrated project team included representatives from the local government to ensure successful permitting. To ensure high-quality and safe healthcare was being delivered, the FGI standards for American hospitals were considered as a baseline standard for all design decisions.

Key Project Features

  • Located in Grand Cayman
  • 54 bed greenfield hospital
  • Delivered in 21 months
  • 107,000 square feet
  • Cardiac & Orthopedic Specialty
  • State of the art technology

Home of the
Affordable Heart Surgery

Health City is a leading innovator in affordable destination healthcare. Uninsured patients are able to pay out of pocket for surgery that has been proven to be both safe and effective. Additionally, surgeons at Health City provide free healthcare for impoverished peoples requiring cardiac aid.