Ocean Church

A contemporary design approach transforms the traditional worship experience.

Ocean Church, formerly Living Waters Church, is not like your typical house of God. Members of this congregation mainly consist of teenagers and young adults who are leaving their social media behind and engaging in a modern exploration of the gospel. Ocean’s Sunday services emulate that of a concert with live bands, multicolored lightshows, and giant projection screens that bring the crowd to their feet and hands in the air.

When designing for this contemporary congregation, the entry area is meant to be a place for community and connection. Open seating with Starbucks-style café redefine the feeling of attending the traditional church. With an onsite daycare, gym, multiple worship halls, and corporate administrative space, Ocean Church was designed around accommodating the varying ages and activities of its members.

The former grocery store location presented acoustical challenges on the interior due to the high ceilings of the traditional big box store. The worship halls were designed to utilize that acoustical volume. In areas for quiet conversation, prayer, and general gathering, sound abating products, materials, and furniture create a sense of peace and calm. Challenges with the exterior of the building were solved by selecting a color palette, lighting, and signage that echoed the interior design theme by creating a sense of welcoming to those in the community.