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McGregor Veterinary Clinic

McGregor Veterinary Clinic

Transforming a veterinary practice into an architectural destination.

Building Program

Studio+ transformed this Southwest Florida veterinary practice into an architectural destination, complete with kenneling facilities, surgical space, and doctors offices. The facility incorporates several environmental considerations, including rainwater recycling and native landscaping. The first floor of the building is a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic and the second floor serves as offices and pet daycare.  The building was conceptualized as a modern twist on traditional Floridian architecture, responding to climate, filtering sunlight, and exploring a playful intertwining of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Site Solutions

The building is located along the most historically significant stretch of road in its region and served as the first project designed and constructed under the new form-based code in this municipality.  The design team took advantage of this urban classification to transform 3 aging residential lots (the site once hosted gladiolus and citrus groves) into a public park and 9,000 sqft structure while maintaining space for two future buildings on the site. In order to accomplish this responsibly, the site uses LID storm water management, native landscape, a completely pervious surfaces outside of the building footprint, bio swale filtration, and captured rainwater for irrigation.  The building derived its height, scale, details and color palette from the royal palms that line the historic road, and the structural grid carries inward from the park’s formal row of palms (which provide natural shade to the double height lobby and cat playground).  This helps the structure feel at home in its current, medium-density surroundings, while acknowledging the future planned urban development in the area.


The building is rooted in traditional architecture and resulted from a close collaboration between the owner (a landscape architect) and the design team.  The site design began with the park, derived from the golden section, which then formed the remaining spaces and buildings.  The building is flooded with natural light, which accelerates patient healing, and the well being of employees.  HVAC is handled through an efficient chiller system housed on the second floor.

Key Project Features

  • State-of-the-art vet clinic
  • Modern twist on traditional Floridian architecture
  • Pet daycare on second floor
  • Designed to respond to climate, filtering sunlight and use of indoor/outdoor spaces